An 8 Week

Tuesdays from 2pm Until 4pm

Learn Safe Power tool training.
Basic Plumbing, & Electrical
Learn how to repair plasterboard walls.
Don’t Worry no experience is needed to join, but We do need You sign up.

Please contact: 018151779


Drop in to Parslicktown House and ask..

Please see Below for topics for DIY classes.

Class A
Modern tools for DIY. Combination drill, impact drill, masonry drill, jig saw, circular saw, multitool, planer, reciprocating saw.
How to use them safely. Introduction on how to drill, screw, cut etc.
Participants use power tools to drill holes and to fit screws to wood.

Class B
Drill bits, blades, fittings for power tools explained.
Choosing the correct drill bit, using the right saw blade etc.
Practical use of wood and masonry bits.
Participants use a selection of tools and different fittings. Link to class A

Class C
Participants use a selection of power tools to cut wood to size.
Cut and assemble a small wood partition frame. Link to class A & B
Class D
Cut and fit plasterboard to a partition frame. Link to class C

Class E
Types of fixings; screws, bolts, nails, rawl plugs, bonding (Tec7) etc.
Participants try out these items on different surfaces.

Class F
Fittings for hanging items and fixing shelves explained.
Participants fit picture hooks, plasterboard fixings and brackets to a plasterboard wall. Link to class E

Class G
How to hang a shelf correctly.
Different types of shelf brackets are explained.

Class H
How to clear a washing machine filter correctly.
(Need a washing machine for this class)

Class J
Basic plumbing
How plumbing works in your home. Types of plumbing & drainage fittings.
Participants learn how to cut copper pipes, using saws and pipe cutting tools.

Class K
Pipe fittings explained. Compression, pressfit & solder fittings.
Participants learn how to use and properly connect copper fittings. Link to class J

Class L
Using Qualpex pipes
Cut and connect qualpex piping.
Participants will learn how to repair a damaged pipe. Link to class K

Week M
How drainage (waste water) works in the home.
Participants will cut and connect waste water pipes.

Class N
Basic electrics
Safety. What you shouldn’t do.
How electricity works in a home
Participants learn how to wire a plug

Class O
Wall preparation for painting
How to repair minor holes
Participants will repair damaged plasterboard

Class P
Different paint types.
Sanding, keying-in, priming, undercoating, spot filling, spot undercoating, finishing
Participants will try all of the above. Link to class O

Class Q
Door locks & handles
Participants will learn how to change door handles & how to change a door lock on an existing door.

Class R
New door lock & hinges
Participants will learn how to drill/chisel out and fit door hinges & lock to a new door. Link to class Q

Class S
Door hanging
Participants will learn how to hang a new door. Link to class R

Class T
Flat pack assembly
Participants learn how to assemble a flat pack piece of furniture.

Class U
Kitchen Cabinets: Fitting a cabinet door
Participants will learn how to drill and fit a cabinet hinge and handle

Class V
Tiling: Tile types (wall, floor, mosaic) etc, edging, adhesives, grout, tanking explained.
How tiles are cut to size. How to fit a sink splashback.

Class W
Heating: How to bleed a radiator, how to remove and refit a radiator.

Class X
How to find a broken wire
How to repair a break in a wire/how to use a soldering iron