Play Therapy 

Play therapy is based on the belief that play is a child’s natural way of expressing themselves. Children may not be able to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Through play children can play out their thoughts, feelings and difficulties just as an adult may talk out their difficulties.

The therapeutic relationship between the play therapist and child provides opportunities for healing and development. The child is provided with a safe space where they can express themselves. Play therapy facilitates the development of emotional intelligence and resilience, while helping the child to make sense of their world.

All children can benefit from play therapy as it promotes self-confidence, communication, creativity and problem-solving skills.


Why children come to play therapy:

· Anxiety

· Behavioural issues

· Communication difficulties

· Delayed development

· Attachment issues

· Relationship difficulties

· Parental separation/divorce

· Bereavement or loss

· Bullying

· Low self-esteem

· Poor play skills

· Illness and/or Hospitalisations

· Fostering or Adoption

For more information contact Moira 087 402 8508  

                                               Amanda 087 297 9504





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