Please Take a look at this..

In an attempt to Improve the Parslickstown House Community

And all it involves.

Knowing, ‘We’ cannot go out and knock on everyone’s  doors, ‘You’, may be out.

So, ‘We’, are do the next best thing.

By making a few short surveys.

This is the first, they will get better, with, ‘Your’, help.

‘We’, want to hear from you…


Parslickstown House Survey
Parslickstown House, Visitors
Please Tell Us How We Help....

1. Do you come to Parslickstown House often?

2. What services or activities do you participate in?

Parslickstown House, Building
Please Help Us Improve for the Community....

1. What community activities/free courses would you like to see here?

2. If you were eligible for the community employment program would you take part?

3. Can you make any suggestions about how to improve our services here?

Feedback & Contact
Allow Us to Inform You of Future Events an Employment opportunities....

1. Would you like to be kept informed about new center activities, initiatives and community events? If, 'Yes', please provide Email Below: